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Men's Ministry

Men's Study

This year the men at valley are encouraged to participate in our weekly Wednesday night Family Discipleship Studies!



We understand that the corporate gathering on Sunday can be a difficult time to develop relationship characterized by biblical fellowship and discipleship. Thus, our men are also encouraged to be involved with
smaller segments of the church body: Men’s Ministry or for 2023-2024 Family Discipleship classes.

This group is intended to be a relational network focused on applying scriptural truths to one another’s lives. As such, relationships are built within the meeting contexts to encourage open and honest conversation about the struggles and triumphs being experienced. The intended result is for men of VHCC to have an opportunity to encourage, exhort, teach, help, bear with, pray for, rebuke and love one another through all the shared experiences of life.

Click the links below to download and read through the following lessons:

Family Discipleship Class


How Our Families Can Be Restored
God’s Blueprint for Marriage
How to Be a Fulfilled and Fulfilling Husband
Being a Fulfilled and Fulfilling Wife
Effective Family Communication
Preventing and Resolving Conflict – The Biblical Path to Peace
Family Conflict Assignment
The Joy of Forgiveness
Family Worship
Being a Godly Father
Biblical Principles for Physical Intimacy
Dealing with Sinful Anger, God’s Way
Kind Words or Crushing Words

Loving Shepherds


Loving Shepherds Loving the Flock 

Shaping the Next Generation of Men 

Shaping the Next Generation of Men 

Family Discipleship Classes
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