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Introduction to Attitudes of a Transformed Heart


Hello Valley Heights Ladies!                                                                           


ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING!!  As I was running through Wal-Mart the other week looking for some household items, I came across a bin on the bottom shelf full of peel & stick ‘Quick Quotes- safe for walls’ which had these words;  “ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING!!”  Well, you can imagine how excited I was in light of the timing being only a few days before our study on “Attitudes of a Transformed Heart.” I had a visual to show you ladies!


Our culture screams of attitudes, doesn’t it?!  Attitudes of:  self-confidence(being fearless), self-promotion(advertising and elevating what I can do and what I have done), self-worth(finding our identity in who I am and what I do), self-esteem(needing praise from others), self-exaltation (magnifying and boasting in my accomplishments), self-assertiveness(being domineering, bossy and pushy), self-absorption(always talking about self), self-satisfaction(concerned for: my rights, my needs, my schedule, my expectations, my desires, my reputation) , self-reliance(being independent), self-respect, self-willed(being bullheaded, headstrong, opinionated, stubborn), self-satisfied….. and on and on it goes!  These attitudes and MANY more from the world of religion, humanism, feminism… have shaped and influenced our daily lives, and as we know, are in DIRECTopposition from the truths of scripture! We know that attitudes can be good or bad, sinful or godly. 



A rrange our day, determines our energy and activates our choices!

T hrow our homes into order or into chaos!

T  ouch all those around us!

I ntersect at a point of decision; to please self? Or to please God!

T each others what we think about God in how we respond to others and our circumstances!

U  ncover the beauty or battles in our hearts!

D eclare to the world, to whom is our allegiance?  Our feelings? Or God the Holy Spirit!

E xpose what we value most!  What the world says? Or what the Word says!

S erve and glorify ourselves or serve and glorify God-Most High!


Whatever our attitudes(feelings, mood, outlook, position, perspective, point of view) are, they come from what we areTHINKING! Martha Peace says, “The more your thoughts are Biblical (if you are a Christian), the more pleasing your attitudes are to the Lord.  The attitudes of a RENEWED MINDare critical to godly living and flow out of PURE, biblical thoughts.” Oh, how we need to make it our aim to please our Lord, Jesus Christ “so that He Himself will come to have first place in EVERYTHING,” (Colossians 1:18) even our attitudes!  ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!!


Oh ladies, the more we look to Christ and become like Christ with God’s gracious help, the less we will be, “conformed to this world” and will have godly heart’s attitudes that have been “TRANSFORMEDby the RENEWING ofour MINDS!”  This year, each ladies Bible study, I will be giving you a new card and a new verse correlating to each chapter to add to your Bible memory ring.   I want us to continue to be women of the Word, intentionally hiding God’s Word in our hearts. Let’s draw a circle around our own lives and ask the Lord to deal practically with our own sinful thinking. Have you come to the point in your life where you are trusting that HE will transform your attitudes into that which is pleasing and useful to Him? Let’s ‘devote ourselves to prayer, with an attitude of thanksgiving’ for what He is going to accomplish in our lives this year as we fellowship, study and pray together!   


Keep memorizing Romans 12:1,2!


With joyful anticipation,


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