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A Study of Psalm 119


Introduction to A Study of Psalm 119


Hello Valley Heights Ladies!


Psalm 27:8  "When You said "SEEK my face", my heart said to You, "Your face, O LORD, I shall SEEK."


 Hope you have enjoyed this past summer in fresh new ways with your families and friends!  I also hope and pray you have had daily opportunities to see Jesus our Lord afresh through His Word! Fall is just around the corner!  And I am very excited about our Ladies Bible Study about to begin on TUESDAY mornings--"Seeking Him" through Psalm 119!!!  

"Seeking His face is a primary characteristic of true believers who desire intimate fellowship with God!"


May we continue to seek Christ's good pleasure this year  as we continue to be learning, growing, motivating, inspiring, challenging and sharpening one another and reminding one another of our constant need to be on guard against the subtle ways sin can creep into our lives and take root in our hearts!!  For His Name's sake may we live with all of our might to the glory and praise of His precious purposes!!


Let's pray we will be Women of Influence, Women of  the Word, Women of Prayer, Women of Faith, Women of Hope, Women of Joy, Women of Grace, Women of Service, Sacrifice and Submission----  Women who live INTENTIONALLY and CONSISTENTLY in all areas of our lives without compromise-- breathing --thinking -- and choosing to live a Biblical worldview!


Blessings to you all,

Christyn Champ  

Click the Links Below to Read Lesson Recaps:

Psalm 119 - Aleph

Psalm 119 - Beth
Psalm 119 - Gimel

Psalm 119 - Daleth 

Psalm 119 - He

Psalm 119 - Vav

Psalm 119 - Zayln

Psalm 119 - Heth

Psalm 119 - Teth

Psalm 119 - Yodh

Psalm 119 - Kaph

Psalm 119:1-88 - Seeking Christ Through Aleph-Kaph

Psalm 119 - Lamedh

Psalm 119 - Mem

Psalm 119 - Nun

Psalm 119 - Samekh

Psalm 119 - Ayin

Psalm 119 - Pe

Psalm 119 - Tsadhe

Psalm 119 - Qoph

Psalm 119 - Resh

Psalm 119 - Shin

Psalm 119 - Tav

Psalm 119:89-176 - Seeking Christ Through Lamedh - Tav

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